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SBWebs is a website design and website development company in Rajkot which offers various services such as standards based website development, website designing, website hosting, domain registration, search engine marketing(SEM) etc.

SBWebs - Standards based website development service provider in Rajkot

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Website Designing

Apart from website development, we also provide website designing service in which we provide two services.

  • Layout Designing and Conversion to XTHML
  • Design to XHTML

Layout Designing and Conversion to XHTML

In layout designing and conversion to XHTML, we try to understand the requriments of the clients and nature of their business and based on that, we provide upto 3 layouts for the client. From that the client has to finalize one layout which will then be converted into a pixel-perfect W3C valid XHTML and submitted to the client.

Design to XHTML

If you already have a layout created for your self but need an expert to convert it into a W3C valid XTHML. Design to XHTML service is just for you. You provide us with the layout and our designers will create a pixel-perfect W3C valid XTHML file which will be compatible with most modern web-browsers.