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SBWebs is a website design and website development company in Rajkot which offers various services such as standards based website development, website designing, website hosting, domain registration, search engine marketing(SEM) etc.

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Online Advertising

Sometime, just having a search engine optimized website is not enough or you cannot wait for the site to get indexed and ranked (which can some times take months). You need that extra little push to reach your future customers, quickly. And, Online Advertising is just what you need.

Online advertising or search engine marketing is a paid way to rank above organic results when people searching with your desired keywords. Currently this method of marketing comes in two flavours namely Paid-Per-Click (PPC) and Paid-Per-Thousand-Impressions (PPM).

Paid Per Click

This model of marketing is great if you have result oriented and want to pay for what you get. You get charged only if a person clicks on your advertisement. As far as costing is concerned, PPC costs are usually higher than PPM.

Pay Per Thousand Impressions

This model is good for promoting brands accross wide population. It's more like a progoganda. You pay for each 1000 views of your advertisement irrespecitve of a visitor clicks on your advertisemnt. It's analogues to advertisements on newspapers and magazines. People may or may not callback or even see your advertisement but you pay for it. As already stated above, PPM costs are lower than PPC.